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Chances are you've been holed up in your apartment feeling some guilt about the deteriorating world around you caused by COVID-19. You want to help, but you don't quite know how. You may also think that, with your minimal millennial salary, you can only muster up a modest donation that won't make a difference.


We are here to tell you that through Social Differencing, you can make an impact. How exactly?


We've coordinated with seasoned philanthropists to identify the most impactful charities to remedy the effects of COVID-19. Through our website, you can easily access the donation pages for these charities, and pool your gifts with fellow millennials. And that’s not all!


These same philanthropists have agreed to fund 100% of this site's operations and, most importantly, match your donations up to $1,000. That’s right, every dollar you give is two dollars into the hands of those in need. After making a donation, simply forward the confirmation email/receipt to match@socialdiff.org, and we'll match it within 2 business days.*

Imagine living paycheck to paycheck, only to discover that you will be let go. Imagine investing everything you have into a small business, only to learn that you can't operate for the foreseeable future while your rent bills pile up. Imagine being a medical professional on the frontline of the ICU, not having the appropriate supplies to best do your job. These are merely a small subset of the issues members of our community will face during these unprecedented times.

It's important that those of us who can help, do help.

*We reserve the right to decline to match any gift for any reason.

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